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Pridex has Completed the Construction of the New Level Group Headquarters

13 Sept 2022
The project was implemented in less than three months and consists of 85% Russian materials.
The new head office of Level Group, one of the leading companies in the capital’s development market, began its work in the Wall Street Business Center on Valovaya Street — it is located on the 4th floor of the business center. The general contractor, as well as the designer of utility systems, was Pridex.

The office includes a reception desk with a soft zone, an open space, various spaces for team interaction, individual rooms for quiet work, a coffee point, as well as meeting rooms of various typologies — including a multi-purpose space in the central part of the office, which, if desired, can be divided into three separate meeting rooms.
  • Aleksandra Khatuntseva,
    Designer and Head of Berger Bureau that has developed the design concept of the office

    "In the interior of the main office of Level Group, we tried to reflect the key values of the development company — modernity, relevance and perfectionism. Thus, it turned out to create at the same time a strict, stylish, mobile, and cozy and inviting space for both the employee and the customer. This approach corresponds to the philosophy of the Level Group brand."

One of the features of the project is the high share of import substitution — 85% of all materials and equipment, from raised floors to lighting systems, were manuafctured in Russia. The remaining 15% came from Asian (8%) and European (7%) manufacturers.
  • Dmitriy Vishnyakov,
    Managing Director, Pridex
    "For Class A office real estate, the issue of finding alternative suppliers in the current situation is particularly acute. In addition to the need to quickly adapt existing projects to new conditions in order to meet deadlines, it is extremely important to maintain a consistently high level of quality of finishing and equipment — this requires interaction with a large number of manufacturers and prompt "testing" of materials and equipment. Thanks to the extensive experience of Pridex and a developed base of suppliers, we were able to successfully cope with this task in the shortest possible time – the active phase of work began on May 15, and on July 28, furniture was fully installed in the office."

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