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Pridex Introduces Lean Construction Techniques into Production Processes

11 Aug 2022
As part of a pilot project, the company managed to double the efficiency of construction work.

Pridex integrates lean construction principles into the company’s activities — they imply a continuous analysis of the entire production process and a reduction in the number of actions that do not affect the final result and do not add value for the customer.

Динамика стоимости строительных материалов в 2022

The first pilot project for the company was the office of a large Russian bank, currently under construction in Moscow. According to the specialists of the operational efficiency service created at Pridex, the innovations introduced within its framework are aimed at improving the quality of work, reducing the burden on employees and reducing construction time.

  • Igor Shvykov,
    Line Manager

    "If we talk about concrete results, then already now, a short time after the start of the project, we have something to operate with. So, a huge array of data on various types of work was analyzed at the facility, followed by its optimization to three key indicators — this allowed us to quickly respond to deviations and adjust the actions of teams locally, as a result of which we were able to significantly reduce losses. One of the indicators — namely, the ratio of the volume of work performed and the costs of implementation — has been doubled."

The essence of the changes being implemented, according to Shvykov, is not just to reduce costs, but to provide the most active and purposeful team members with opportunities to unlock their potential and ultimately form a "workplace culture of continuous improvement" at the company.

"For the customer, this will mean faster results with consistently high quality," Shvykov sums up.

The functionality of the operational efficiency service is focused on two areas: the development of in-house production system and informational work with personnel. As part of the first area, the purpose of the service is to form uniform standards for the implementation of projects, including through the study of Pridex’s unique production experience. The other area is entirely devoted to the involvement of personnel in the process of perfecting the company and the introduction of new ways to increase employee motivation.

In the near future, Pridex plans to scale the experience gained as part of the pilot project, extending it to all the company’s projects.

  • Dmitriy Vishnyakov,
    Managing Director, Pridex
    "The new division has an ambitious goal – to reduce the costs of implementing fit-out projects by 25%. However, apart from this, an important indicator of the success of this area will be the institutionalization of the practical experience gained by Pridex over more than 10 years of work – it is critically important for us to identify and systematize the best production practices in order to provide an even higher level of service for our customers."

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