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Prices for building materials decreased by 13%

06 Sept 2022
Such data are provided in a study by Pridex on the office real estate market. The cost of finishing materials and engineering equipment is also decreasing: prices dropped by 12% and 8% respectively during the period from May to August.
Pridex, one of the largest fit-out contractors in the Russian market, presented data on the increase in prices for materials and equipment used in the construction of offices for the period from January 1 to August 31, 2022. The analysis includes three main types of products: construction (rough) materials, finishing materials and engineering equipment.

After a serious increase in prices for most of the positions in February-March this year, there has been a negative price trend in the office segment. The most strongly occurring changes affected the rough materials — their cost fell by 13% for the period from June to August 2022.

Динамика стоимости строительных материалов в 2022
The key impact on the price dynamics in this segment was made by the change in the cost of raised floors (-15%) and gypsum board profiles (-10%). At the same time, the cost of materials and tools required for painting work has increased significantly — while the price growth for these items did not exceed 13% in January-August 2021, in the same period of 2022 it reaches 70%.

The cost of finishing materials decreased by 12% over the period from May to August 2022. The largest decrease was demonstrated by flooring materials (-14%), as well as porcelain stoneware (-12%).

Динамика стоимости отделочных материалов в 2022

Engineering equipment was the least affected by the current price changes: for the period from May to August 2022, it fell in price by 8%. It is worth noting that the key factor in reducing the cost of goods in this segment was the fall in metal prices, which affected, among other things, cable products (-30%), air ducts and shaped products for them (-15%), as well as pipe wiring and fittings made of steel (-25%).

Динамика стоимости инженерного оборудования в 2022

According to Pridex, in general, the current price dynamics in the office segment is explained by a stronger rouble, as well as the active development of parallel imports. Nevertheless, logistical difficulties still remain an important factor in the rise of materials and equipment cost.

  • Alexander Aleynikov,
    Commercial Director of Pridex

    "Thanks to parallel imports, we were able to partially resume the purchase of products from some manufacturers — these are mainly premium European brands. Nevertheless, the delivery of goods in this way means a significant increase in the logistics cost — according to our estimates, it is from 20% to 80%. In the end, the price dynamics will depend primarily on the exchange-value of rouble — especially for finishing materials and engineering equipment."

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