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Pridex will Fully Switch to BIM in 2023

19 July 2022
The switch implies not only designing in BIM, but also working in a common data environment (CDE), which all key divisions of the company will have to use: the production technology department, specialists at construction sites, etc.

The largest Russian fit-out contractor Pridex plans to fully switch to BIM within a year — the company is already testing the effectiveness of the technology in several ongoing projects. According to Pridex’s preliminary estimates, the use of BIM reduces implementation costs by an average of 5% — primarily due to the timely identification and elimination of collisions.

  • Aleksandr Aleynikov,
    Commercial Director, Pridex

    "The complexity of office interiors, which we have observed in recent years, the need to interconnect complex utility, information and other systems repeatedly increases the cost of design errors. Even a small miscalculation in a large project can become critical if it is not noticed in time. The use of BIM eliminates the possibility of such a scenario, thereby providing an additional economic effect."

Динамика стоимости строительных материалов в 2022

In addition, the benefit is achieved through a more efficient organization of business processes. As explained by the company, BIM is not only an advanced solution in the field of design, but also a transparent environment for communication between all participants: the customer, the general contractor, the designer supervision, etc. This implies the availability of up-to-date data from all parties, as well as reducing the time for approval and corrections. At the same time, such optimization also applies to internal processes, provided that all key departments of the company switch to using a common data environment, which further enhances the effect.

  • Dmitriy Vishnyakov,
    Managing Director, Pridex

    "Despite the fact that the switch to BIM involves quite significant costs for licenses, equipment and specialists at the implementation stage, we consider its use to be the most important condition for building long-term relationships with our customers. "Information modeling technologies provide a fundamentally different level of quality of our services: this applies to the timing of work, and risk control, and last but not least — the ease of communication."

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