high-tech and aesthetically perfect workspaces
Year of completion
Moscow, 1st Land lane, 7/2, bld. 1-2

Land Business Center

implementation period
8 months
14 500 m²
The Land Business Center is focused on eco-themes – this is the northernmost building in Europe with live vertical gardening.
The design of decoration of public spaces and interiors of the Action Group office is also a bright "green space", logically continuing the eco-concept of the entire business center.

About project

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At the entrance to the building under the ceiling there are screen balls that broadcast 360 degrees of specially created environmental content for the project. In the finish of the common area walls, INOX-COLOR stainless steel was used in three colors - green, red and blue. According to the idea, green is a symbol of young grapes, blue is mature berries, and red is the color of flamy autumn leaves.

Another spectacular element from the point of view of design is sculptural triangular stairs, the geometry of which is determined by the plan of the building. The idea of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency is also supported here - light is automatically turned on only at the levels where a person is.

Pridex Role

Project video
Project video
Customer feedback
The office project occupied 7 floors of the business center, as well as part of the first floor, where a conference room for 180 visitors was located. From the 9th to the 15th floor, office spaces were occupied, in the decoration of which modern materials and solutions were used: carpet and PVC coatings, wall painting and finishing with veneer and painted MDF panels, an open ceiling with acoustic panels, glass partitions with radius elements, conference rooms using smart switchable glasses.
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