high-tech and aesthetically perfect workspaces
Year of completion
Moscow, st. Odessa 2, Business Center "Lotus"

Xiaomi Office

implementation period
5 months
1 400 m²
Xiaomi office is a minimalist and modern workspace.
A showroom and lounge space are integrated into the reception area. In the exhibition, part of the room there is a rack with all mobile phones ever produced by Xiaomi, with original firmware of its time. In the walls separating the reception area, windows are made that zone the space and give a feeling of lightness. All passages and turns in the office are made smooth, there are no sharp angles. An interesting solution was the installation of mini-parking for segways and scooters at the entrance to the office.

About project

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The work was carried out within a compressed period, which required constant contact with all project participants. Thanks to teamwork, it became possible to quickly develop and coordinate the office concept, and shrewd planning and organization of processes allowed the general contractor to implement the contract exactly within the deadlines specified by the contract - in just 3 months.

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Project video
Project video