high-tech and aesthetically perfect workspaces
implementation period
4 months
7 000 m²
Year of completion

Lamoda Office

Moscow, Marshal Zhukov Ave., 1, building 1
All three floors of the Lamoda office open to the atrium, where the reception area is located, which easily transforms into an event hall.
The atrium is the heart of the entire office; there is a coffee point and a dining room, a cafe, an amphitheater staircase with a screen in front of it, as well as a reception stand converted into a bar.

About project

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An important role in the design of office space is played by the use of mirror and dichroic film on glass walls, which changes color shades depending on the viewing angle. Large-format models images were used in the design of the conference rooms; mirrors also play a significant role in interior design.

Access to the office territory is carried out according to the face recognition system. The office has a centralized reservation system for conference rooms. In front of each conference room there is a corresponding interactive screen on which you can enter all reservation details.

Pridex Role

Customer feedback
A feature of the new office was the use of non-standard materials and original design solutions, such as finishing the panels with tinted mirrors and stemalite, as well as cork and marker coating. To increase the level of privacy of the premises, the bulk of the glass partitions was covered with bronze film.

The general contractor established a system for reservation of conference rooms. The conference rooms were equipped with a video conference system, as well as a wireless content broadcast function.

An important technical feature of the project was the use of biometric facial recognition systems to organize personnel access to the office.
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