high-tech and aesthetically perfect workspaces
implementation period
7 months
7 500 m²
Year of completion
Altai Republic, Ozernoye Settlement, Zarechnaya Str., 30

Manzherok Hotel

About project

In the Altai region there is an all-year-round resort "Manzherok" with a five-star hotel of the same name.
As part of the project, the hotel’s room fund, restaurant, SPA area, as well as the technical floor, which ensures the functioning of the entire facility, were implemented.

In the SPA area there is an aqua-thermal area with 5 swimming pools, 9 different saunas and a snow room, 4 antler extract baths, a gym with exercise machines and a yoga room, a phytobar and 11 beauty cabins for massages and mud wraps.

In the restaurant area there are three bars, a restaurant with an open kitchen, a VIP area and a stage for events; there is also access to an outdoor veranda.

During the hotel construction 34 rooms were completed and each room category was designed according to its own unique style.
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Pridex Role

Pridex’s general contractor responsibilities included engineering design, technical systems design, and a range of general construction and engineering services.

A smart home system to control air conditioning, lighting, curtains and floor heating was implemented in the hotel rooms as part of the project. In the restaurant area, designer fixtures were installed with a dimming option to allow for adjustable light levels.

Due to the constant high humidity, the realization of the SPA areas required special attention in the selection of materials and finishes. The installation of decorative tree trunk partitions separating the pool and bar areas was an interesting solution. In the antler extract baths area the finishing was realized in the technique of "crackle" with the use of green marble on the walls and white — on the floor. At the same time in order to create an ideal surface pattern, it was necessary to take into account the slight differences in the color of the stone from different sources, which is typical of the natural material.

As part of the project, a technical floor was constructed to house all of the complex’s technical systems, including ventilation, air conditioning and fire protection systems.

Pridex Expert Assessment

In terms of design and implementation, Manzherok Resort is a unique project. Completing a premium five-star hotel, including a large aquathermal zone with swimming pools, with a large volume of engineering systems required special attention to every detail.

Difficult climatic conditions with low temperatures in winter, complicated logistics of materials due to the remote location from the center, regular changes in the project and updates of finishing concepts — all this did not affect the process of the object realization, which was built exactly in the time specified in the contract and with the highest quality of work.
Taras Lisogor
Pridex partner