high-tech and aesthetically perfect workspaces
Year of completion
Moscow, st. Godovikova, 9, bld. 10, Business Center "Caliber"

HeadHunter Office

implementation period
4 months
1 000 m²
The HeadHunter office is a convenient and modern flexible workspace aimed at the comfort of teamwork.
The ability to quickly modify and adjust the interior to the needs of the department, hold conferences or meetings literally a step away from the workplaces is a feature of the new office of the company.

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The main part of the office is open space, which provides areas for negotiations, collective and individual work, as well as recreational spaces. The privacy effect of workplaces and sound comfort are supported by sliding partitions of white plastic and metal mesh, on which flower pots can also be installed, creating entire compositions. Relocatable partitions make it possible to transform the space in accordance with the current tasks of the company. Some of the rooms and meeting rooms are separated from open space by bent glass. To maintain order and efficient use of space, each employee is assigned a locker.

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Project video
Project video