high-tech and aesthetically perfect workspaces
Year of completion
Moscow, st. Krylatskaya, 17

Adidas Headquarters

implementation period
6 months
20 000 m²
The new Adidas office is located on six floors of the Krylatsky Hills business park. Office space occupies three floors, two are occupied by a fitness center, and on one is the Adidas Academy - a unique project of the company.
Three office floors differ in colors: orange, green and blue, which facilitates navigation. Color accents are concentrated in the central part of the office floors; there are also large and small conference rooms, places for individual work, informal communication areas, and coffee points. To reflect the company's focus on an active lifestyle and enthusiasm for sports, a unique idea for the office was implemented: any employee can use a scooter to move around the floor.

Adidas Academy is designed to introduce sports in the life of people; its space consists of classes and lecture halls, separated by transformable partitions. It is also equipped with a special professional kitchen for conducting master classes in the preparation of proper and healthy food.

Located on two floors of the building, the corporate fitness club is a full fitness center with rooms for cycling, yoga, dancing, cardio and strength training, wrestling, etc. Fitness club has its own reception and bar area, in which visitors can relax and eat before training.

About project

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A lot of work was done to select environmentally friendly materials for obtaining the office certificate of conformity with the LEED international environmental real estate assessment system. In this regard, technologies and measures to protect the site, equipment and ventilation systems from dust and dirt were also used during the construction process; 75% of the garbage was sent for recycling, and 50% of the waste of building materials were reused on the site (including temporary furniture from profile and plywood, etc.). The action of the general contractor resulted in the evaluation of SILVER by LEED standards.

The engineering communications project required special attention, provided that the originally designed open ceilings in all open-space rooms of the office. An important engineering solution was the installation of a separate ventilation chamber in the fitness club area.

Pridex Role

Customer feedback
Adidas LLC expresses gratitude to the general contractor PRIDEX for the timely and high-quality implementation of the project of the Adidas Group's main office in Russia - Home of Sport with a total area of about 20,000 m2, located in the Krylatsky Hills Business Center at 15 Krylatskaya St., Moscow.

We want to note the customer-centric approach of PRIDEX and the high level of professionalism of its employees, who demonstrated the consistently high quality of construction work.
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