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Pridex and Moscow Industrial College Will Train IT Professionals

29 June 2023
Partnership agreement was signed between two companies that will jointly train professionals for the construction industry, including IT.

Pridex, one of the largest contractors of the Russian fit-out market, entered into an agreement with Moscow Industrial College, a multidisciplinary educational complex providing educational programs in more than 20 fields. The signing took place on 23 June on the sidelines of the Russian Job Fair.

Динамика стоимости строительных материалов в 2022

As part of the upcoming cooperation, Pridex will take part in the educational program development, offer their sites for internships and onsite trainings and promote employment of successful graduates.

In addition to the classic occupations, such as construction and operation of buildings and structures, metalworking, welding and others, special attention will be given to the IT occupations. The partners will train professionals in such fields as information systems and programming, network and system administration, design of electronic devices and systems, information security, etc.

  • Aleksei Kursin,
    partner of Pridex

    "The construction industry is increasingly focusing on the digital technologies. This is true for both the project implementation stage — BIM, IoT, etc., and the operation stage — from intelligent pass entry or building resource management systems to smart homes, offices and cities. To provide future professionals with the relevant subject knowledge in this field is of high priority for Pridex. Therefore, the cooperation with Moscow Industrial College will not be limited to theory, Pridex will offer students real practical cases to solve and participation in the development of a full-fledged product for a smart office".

  • Vasiliy Bersenev,
    Director of Moscow Industrial College

    "It is impossible to educate highly qualified professionals without the involvement of employers. Moscow Industrial College provides the educational programs in close cooperation with the leading sector employers of the city. Our students gain workplace experience at the very beginning of their career development by undergoing internships at the sites of the industry leaders. By the time they graduate, young specialists have already gained experience in interaction with employers and understand the employer’s needs".

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