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The dynamics of the cost of building mate­rials in the first quarter of 2023 re­turned to pre-crisis indicators

24 Apr 2023
The average price increase was recorded at 4.5%, which generally corresponds to the same period in 2021 (4.05%). While on the basis of the results of the first quarter of 2022, the change in value reached 29%. Such data are given in a study by Pridex on the office real estate segment.
The analysis includes three main types of products: construction (base) materials, finishing materials and engineering equipment.

In the construction materials segment, the price increase was minimal: for example, the cost of false floors and profiles for gypsum board sheets increased by 5%, materials for painting work — by 2%, and insulating materials and gypsum board showed zero price dynamics.

Динамика стоимости строительных материалов в 2022

The situation with finishing materials is also indicative: if in January-March last year the value of individual items increased by more than 50%, then this year the average growth was 12%. Ceiling systems rose the most in price — by 24%, bathroom and lavatory equipment, flooring and lighting equipment increased by 12%.

Динамика стоимости отделочных материалов в 2022

As for engineering equipment, the price increase for the first quarter of 2023 year was 13.2%, while for the same period last year it reached 43%. Piping and steel fittings (31%), air ducts (30%), as well as cable products (23%) rose the most. As noted in Pridex, such high dynamics in the cost of these positions, as well as ceiling systems, is primarily associated with an increase in metal prices, which is largely a seasonal factor.

Динамика стоимости инженерного оборудования в 2022
  • Alexander Aleinikov,
    commercial director of Pridex

    "Last year, a number of major transactions on the sale of assets of foreign manufacturers of materials and equipment to Russian management ended on the market. Now these, now independent companies are gradually expanding the range, restoring the pre-existing product lines — some components are now imported from China, much is supplied using parallel imports. It was this factor that played a key role in restoring the price dynamics that we are seeing now. Of course, the value of final products still depends heavily on the exchange rate of foreign currency, and it is premature to talk about price stabilization in the long run. I think that more definite conclusions about the sustainability of this trend can be made according to the results of the first half of the year".

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