high-tech and aesthetically perfect workspaces
implementation period
18 months
14 400 m²
Year of completion

Office of Freight One

24 Novoryazanskaya str., Moscow

About project

Office of Freight One is a separate building.
The space-planning solution includes several office floors with the prevailing open space design concept, a separate floor dedicated to top managers, and a canteen.
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Customer feedback

Several types of decorative panels were used for wall finishing, such as varnished panels, Italian wood veneer Alpi, cherry and hazel wood veneers, as well as soft decorative panels made of lux class eco leather. Floor was finished with 14 different types of coverings, such as carpet and rubber tiles, 3 types of porcelain stoneware, engineered wood, and antistatic coating.
First Cargo company
Russian operator of freight rail transportation