high-tech and aesthetically perfect workspaces
Year of completion
Moscow, st. Krasina, 3

Headquarters of the industrial company

implementation period
10 months
6 000 m²
The office assumed the placement of about 700 employees working in numerous departments.
The planning structure is largely due to the internal organization of the company, based on which open working areas, separate working groups and closed rooms of different sizes were created in the office. The interior provided places for informal communication, among which there are both open lounge areas and cozy sofa groups with high backs designed for tet-a-tet meetings.

About project

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A distinctive feature of the project was a significant number of non-standard solutions, in particular, the use of embedded furniture made according to the original drawings, the installation of decorative seamless floors, and the installation of a large number of glass partitions. In addition, the original design solution was the covering of walls with decorative furniture panels using doors with hidden doorframes located in the panels.

In the most status and representative areas - the space of the entrance group, reception on the floors, meeting rooms and management rooms - natural stone and oak wall panels were used in the wall decoration. A significant role in the design of this interior is played by bright color accents that light up the space and set the rhythm.

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