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The share of European suppliers in large office construction decreased by 6.1% over the past year

28 Dec 2022
The most serious changes are observed in the segment of engineering equipment: for example, the use of heating systems from Europe decreased from 72% to 15%, air conditioning systems — from 85% to 52%. In general, the share of European producers decreased by 6.1% compared to 2021. Such data are given in a study by Pridex.

Pridex, one of the largest fit-out contractors in the Russian market, estimated how the shares of suppliers from various regions of the world in the office "construction basket" changed in 2021−2022. The study includes three regions (Russia, Asia, Europe), as well as three main types of products: construction (base) materials, finishing (final treatment) materials and engineering equipment. Calculations were carried out on the basis of an analysis of the company’s own purchases, technical tasks of customers and a study of the requirements of open bidding.

Construction materials

The main part of the market for base materials is historically occupied by domestic manufacturers, so the balance of power has not changed compared to 2021: most of the products are purchased 100% in the Russian Federation. The exception is consumables (boring bits, drills, disks, etc.), which are supplied mainly from Asia.

Change in the geography of procurement of building materials in 2021-2022

Finishing materials

Russian manufacturers are also increasing their positions in the segment of finishing materials: for example, the share of domestic ceiling systems in the procurement structure increased from 61% to 90%, ceramic granite — from 26% to 37%. Russian lighting equipment, as in last year, occupies 55% of the market, European — 35%, but domestic players have long been providing a high-quality competitive product, and are now actively increasing production capacities. In addition, in terms of decorative light, products from Asia are becoming increasingly popular, so the share of European suppliers in the near future is likely to decrease.

At the same time, in terms of bathroom equipment and flooring high share of manufacturers from Europe remains — 80% and 95%, respectively.

Changing the geography of procurement of finishing materials in 2021-2022

Engineering equipment

In the segment of engineering equipment, the role of both Asian and Russian manufacturers is growing. The most noticeable changes occurred in the part of air conditioning systems, where the share of Asian products increased from 15% to 48%, as well as heating systems, where the share of domestic suppliers increased from 28% to 85%.

However, the market is still looking for an effective replacement in a number of areas, in connection with which European players retain their positions: for example, their share in the supply of pumping equipment has not changed since last year and is 97%.

Change in the geography of procurement of engineering equipment in 2021-2022
  • Alexander Aleinikov,
    Commercial Director of Pridex
    "Parallel imports remain an important factor in maintaining a high share of European brands. Thanks to this, it became possible to resume deliveries of about 70% of foreign products, with which problems arose at the beginning of the year. Moreover, some large office projects turned out to be a kind of "hostage" to Western solutions — certain structural elements designed for products from a particular manufacturer have already been integrated into them. Therefore, the procurement structure may differ greatly from the above figures in some cases.

    Nevertheless, the situation will continue to change with the development of domestic analogues, and in the next two years the share of Russian manufacturers of finishing materials and engineering equipment will continue to grow. And yet, it should be understood that not all positions in these segments can be replaced even in the medium term — in this case, suppliers from friendly countries will play a key role, as well as the reorientation of procurement to the East".

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