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Pridex is Heading for Business Digitalization

02 Aug 2022
One of the leaders of the commercial real estate market is implementing a global digital transformation program aimed at improving the efficiency of management and production processes.

The Pridex Board of Directors adopted the company’s Digital Transformation Strategy, the main goal of which is to increase business efficiency by improving the management structure and production processes, which will provide the company’s customers with more competitive conditions for project implementation.

  • Dmitriy Vishnyakov,
    Managing Director, Pridex

    "We understand that systematization, comprehensive analysis and the use of accumulated knowledge, taking into account the potential of digital technologies, are the key to the further successful development of the company. One of the points of our strategy, for example, was the introduction of the BIM technologies to improve design efficiency. Or, say, the use of video analytics at construction sites that will ensure the accuracy of collecting data on the activity of workforce. We are confident that these and a number of other initiatives in the future will give a positive result both for the company itself and for its customers."

Pridex notes that the consistent introduction of digital technologies and automation into the company’s activities is primarily aimed at improving approaches to doing business. In particular, the measures built into the digital transformation strategy will significantly reduce the inefficient use of resources, the number of operations, and increase the manageability of processes.

  • Dmitriy Vishnyakov,
    Managing Director, Pridex

    "The measures taken are aimed at implementing the best solutions and ensuring the highest possible quality of the product and services for a customer. And ultimately they are aimed at improving their financial results."

Within the framework of the strategy, three directions were chosen for the introduction of new technologies: automation of the management model, digitalization of production processes and the use of Big Data for personnel management.

Management Model Automation

A fit-out project is a complex combination of sequential and interdependent processes, the management of which requires high fixation, professional understanding of production processes, communication skills and fresh thinking.

Having analyzed the company’s existing structure of interaction within the organization, the process of planning and implementing projects, the Pridex Board of Directors steers the development of the management model to lean construction.

Lean construction principles make it possible to optimize the planning of production processes, eliminate possible risks in advance, thereby achieving an increase in labor productivity. Automation of this model will allow for seamless scaling the management structure, which is critically important in a growing business.

Динамика стоимости строительных материалов в 2022

Production Process Digitalization

The current practice of implementing fit-out projects on the market is a-mile-less-than-ideal. The cost of an error, the reasons for which were missed at the initial stage, can significantly grow, which will entail serious risks for the project as a whole. One of the systemic problems of fit-out projects is the lack or poor quality of the source documentation. The solution of this issue was the goal of the first stage of digitalization of production processes.

Currently, Pridex has started using the BIM technology in the most critical areas. This approach will allow, even before the start of construction work, for identification of inconsistencies in the design documentation, which allows for finding and coordinating relevant solutions in advance. Further use of the BIM models will significantly speed up the design process, which in turn will affect the timing of project implementation and reduce costs.

Big Data for Personnel Management

Large-scale construction projects are primarily significant professional resources, the management of which determines the success of the company as a whole. In order to increase the efficiency of the use of labor, Pridex is deploying a project at its construction sites to collect and analyze the activity of workers.

The roadmap of the project provides for the deployment of video analytics systems at a number of facilities, as well as software and hardware complexes, including wearable equipment that collects data on the activity of workers, and software that accumulates and systematizes this information. Data analysis will help to identify vulnerabilities in the production process management system, develop effective recommendations and strengthen control over the rational use of human resources.

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